About Us


Hello and welcome to Evie Marie’s Boutique! I’m Darice, the owner, and I want to thank you for stopping in to learn a little more about us!

People often ask me why did I named my boutique Evie Marie’s. Well, these two ladies are the inspiration! My grandmothers, Evie (pronounced Ev-ie as in ever and not Eve-ie) Jackson and Marie Smith. However you want to look at it, either as a blessing or a curse, they are the reason I love clothes. 

I can remember going to my Say Say’s (Evie’s), and she would take me to either Sears or Drydens in Groves for a few new wardrobe pieces before she brought me home from our visits, full of coconut pie and fried chicken. When I stayed with her while I was in college, we shared a fashionable black and white check pattern blazer that she affectionately called “The Company Blazer”!

Big Mom’s visits were different. She enjoyed sewing for a while, and I can remember her making me bloomer shorts even as a teenager (not sure if y’all remember that around 1986). She loved music and enjoyed giving me piano lessons anytime I went over. I loved listening to her bang on those keys and sometimes sing her songs I’ll never forget even though they may not have been age-appropriate (Seven Beers with the Wrong Woman) now that I think about it! LOL! 

I love these ladies for their role in molding me and love that they play such a huge part in this little store of mine.

Happy shopping!!